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Traditional Fax Machine vs Online Fax Service - Who Wins The Competition?

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Traditional Fax Machine vs Online Fax Service. Which type of faxing do you prefer the most? Changing is always hard, especially when you are emotionally attached or you have used it for a long time. For so many years, people have used traditional fax machines for their communications and while online fax services offer more features with cheaper prices, they find it really hard to rely on some virtual service and send their machine to the basement. Well, here we are going to have a thorough comparison between traditional fax machines and online fax services to find out which wins this communication competition. So, let’s review the online fax service pros and cons and compare it against the advantages and disadvantages of traditional fax machines.

Let the Traditional Fax Machine vs Online Fax Service battle begins:

Which One Is Easier To Use?

It depends on the type of person you are. If you are already used to faxing with your fax machine and haven’t tried internet fax services, you may think that the process of faxing cannot be any easier and simpler with your old machine. But if you give online fax services a try, you may eventually change your mind and find the online fax service simpler and easier to use.

Which One Is Faster?

Just imagine you have to send one fax to just 20 people. How much does it take to send to 20 different recipients using a fax machine? Well, you know the answer. But on the other side using a cloud-based faxing service, there is no difference between sending faxes to just 1 person or multiple people at once.

Which One Is Cheaper? (With Less Maintenance Costs)

Using a traditional fax machine, you have to pay for ink, paper, toner and of course, you need to consider some maintenance costs at certain times. On the other side, using online fax services you need to renew your plan and pay for it monthly or yearly. Compare your costs and see which service wins this round.

Which One Is More Accessible?

When you use online fax services, you get to send and receive faxes literally from anywhere and anytime. But using the old solution, you can do faxing only when you are next to your fax machine.

Which One Is More Greeny?

With fax machines, no matter you are going to send a fax or receive one, you have to have the physical copy of those documents. It means, after a while, you have wasted lots of papers and you are just looking for a way to get rid of them. But on internet fax services, you just use your camera to scan the documents and receive the faxes on your email account or online panel. It means all your copies are stored digitally and you just print the ones you really need to keep a physical copy.

Which One Is More Organized?

How many faxes do you send and receive daily? How about the monthly usage? Well, how do you usually organize those amount of papers? On online fax services, all your faxes are stored in the cloud and you get to easily search through them and find the one you are looking for. But when it comes to traditional fax machines, you have to deal with huge amount of physical documents with different subjects.

Which One Is More Secure?

Unauthorized access to your faxes is almost impossible on internet fax services, but anyone can easily view the faxes on your fax machine and you have no control over it. On the other side, when you are about to send a confidential fax to someone, you cannot be sure how many people will see that fax before reaching to your contact.

And the winner of this Winner of this Traditional Fax Machine vs Online Fax Service battle is...

Well, the decision is yours and you need to decide whether to go with online fax services or keep using the old method of sending and receiving faxes through fax machines. If you have still some doubt to switch to cloud-based fax service, make sure to check the FAX.PLUS pricing and plans and enjoy the free faxing feature before subscribing to a plan.

Which One do you think is the Winner of this Traditional Fax Machine vs Online Fax Service battle?


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