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How to Send Fax To Extension Number with Online Fax Services

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So, you’ve decided to switch to a cloud-based faxing solution but you are worried about how to send fax to extension number using your online fax account. We’ve already discussed about the things to consider when choosing best online fax service, and having the option to send fax to extension number was one of these important things. FAX.PLUS is one the few online fax services that enables the users to send a fax with extension dialing and you get to easily send your documents to extension numbers via this online faxing tool. Simply do the following simple steps and start sending faxes with extension dialing:

How to send fax to extension number with FAX.PLUS:

  1. Open FAX.PLUS website and login or sign up (You may also use FAX.PLUS Android app or iOS app)
  2. Go to the Send Fax tab and click on the Add File or Add Text to attach your document and add a cover sheet to your fax (Read: Tips and Tricks for Perfect Cover Sheet)
  3. Now, we’ve got to the most important part. use the To field to specify the recipient. For a regular faxing, you just need to enter the number or choose a recipient from your contacts. But to send faxes with extension dialing, you must add * between the number and the extension in order to have the extension dialing.
  4. Hit the Send button, and your fax is sent to that extension number successfully. Let’s review an example. If the number you want to send fax to is (77878898) and the extension number you want to dial is (132), you need to fill the recipient's field with this pattern: (77878898 * 132).

So, if your internet fax provider supports extension dialing, you can easily send faxes to those special numbers. If you are still not sure whether this “send fax to extension number” work properly, you may get the most out of 10 free pages on your FAX.PLUS free plan and start sending faxes with extension dialing.


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