What is a human answered fax machine? When you try to send a fax to a fax machine, the transmission process starts automatically once the call is established and you don’t need to do any extra action. But sometimes, the fax machine is not in Automatic mode and an operator answers the call. In such cases, both sender and recipient must do some certain actions, including hitting the Start button on the fax machine manually, to let the transmission begins. So, with an online faxing account, what should you do to send fax to human answered fax machines?

If you are using FAX.PLUS faxing services, the good news is that you can easily send faxes to human operated fax machines, as it automatically detects the call is answered by a human and will do certain actions automatically.

Well, let’s see how to send fax to human answered fax machine:

Step Zero. Click here to open your FAX.PLUS profile and go to the Send Fax tab

Step One. Use the “To”, “Add File”, and “Add Text” fields to specify the recipient’s number and upload the documents and texts to be sent via fax

Step Two. Click on the Gear icon next to the Send button to open the advanced settings

Step Three. Toggle on the Fax To Human Operated Telefax option


Step Four. Choose the announcer (male or female), listen to the automatic message and enable/disable the FAX.PLUS advertisement (Removing ads is not possible for Free users)

Step Five. Click on the Confirm button to save the changes and click to Send your fax to the human-operated telefax

Step Six. You are all done, and once the operator answers your call, the message will be played automatically, and he/she understands about having an incoming fax and will accept the fax transmission to be started.

So, with FAX.PLUS online fax services, you don’t need to worry about sending faxes to such telefax machines which require some manual actions to receive faxes, and if you want to test this telefax feature for yourself, register with FAX.PLUS for free and start sending faxes to more than 150 countries for free. No credit card is needed :).