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How to Resend a Fax? Retry Failed Faxes & Send Them Again

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If you fail to send a fax due to getting a busy line or any other issue from the recipient's fax machine (or online fax account), the Retry feature available on FAX.PLUS helps you a lot and saves you time. To resend a fax, you just need to enable the Retry feature, specify the number of retries and the interval, and leave the rest to FAX.PLUS' online faxing service.

On the other side, sometimes you may want to resend a fax that has been already delivered to the recipient successfully. FAX.PLUS has got you covered for this situation as well.

Read Also: How to Block a Fax Number?So, let's see how to resend a failed fax and how to send a successful fax again without having to set up the documents.

How to resend a Fax that has been already sent successfully once:

Since you have already sent this fax and it has been delivered to the recipient successfully, you need to do as follow to send it again:

Step One. Open your FAX.PLUS dashboard and log in with your username and password

Step Two. Go to the Faxes tab and click on the Send button to view all your sent faxes

Step Three. Find the fax that you want to resend, and click on the 3-dot button next to it

Step Four. From the opened menu, choose the Resend option to open the Send Fax menu

Step Five. As you can see, all the details, including recipient's fax number and documents to be sent, are already filled and you just need to hit the Send button to send your fax again

How to automatically retry sending failed faxes:

This feature is widely used when the receiver's fax number is busy most of the time, and you just don't want to waste your time by sending the fax manually over and over again. To get the most out of the Retry Feature in FAX.PLUS, do as follows:

Step One. Log in to your account, and prepare the fax you want to (add number and the text and documents to be faxed)

Step Two. Now, click on the Gear icon next to Send button, and on the opened menu make sure to check the Retry option

Step Three. Specify the number of retries as well as the delay between each try (in minutes)

Step Four. Save the changes and send your fax. If your fax fails to be sent, it will be automatically sent again at the given intervals.

So, with FAX.PLUS services, you get to easily resend a fax and send failed faxes again automatically.


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