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Online Faxing for Realtors and Real Estate Agents; Is It Necessary?

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The mortgage and real estate industry is one of those time-sensitive businesses that require some immediate actions when it comes to closing a deal or submitting an offer for a place. On the other side, using fax services are still a common way of communications between the clients and the real estate brokers, and sometimes the realtors send their competitive offers over a fax. So, real estate brokers and salespersons really need to have a reliable, secure and fast fax service in order to gain the client's trust, close some great deals and be able to stand out from the competition.

Online faxing for realtors is a must-have online service for such brokers and agents, as it enables them to have access to their faxes whenever they want, and they get to send faxes wherever they are and even sign contracts on the go.

So, let's review what a real estate agent (realtor or broker) will get, once they subscribe to an online fax service:

Close Deals Faster: Say you've reached an agreement with a client and both parties must sign the contract (purchase agreement) to complete the deal. With an online fax service which offers the electronic signature feature, you can easily sign the received documents easily and securely, without even the need to print the documents.

Send Competitive Offers: The competitive property market requires your immediate actions, or you are simply out of the competition. So, with an online fax account, no matter where you are and what device you are using, you can always send your offer with a few touches on the screen. Your faxed offer is official, comes with an exact time stamp, and you have a delivery confirmation in case needed.

Access Faxes on Mobile: If your company is still using old fax machines for sending and receiving faxes, it means you cannot find about newly received faxes unless you are at your office. But with online faxing for realtors solution, you just need to install the faxing app on your Android or iOS device and be notified once there is a new fax in your inbox.

Respond The Clients Faster: Since you have already installed the faxing app on your mobile device, you can easily respond to clients' requests and send faxes faster than ever.

Keep Documents in a Secure and Cloud Place: Thanks to the cloud-storage coming with your online faxing subscription, you get to easily store all your agreements, contracts, and other related documents in a safe and secure place in the clouds.

Boost Your Productivity: And last but certainly not the least, as a real estate broker (agent), using an online fax service will definitely boost your productivity, increase your responsiveness, and save you lots of money and time.

Things to Consider When Choosing Best Online Faxing For Realtors and Real Estate Agents?

  • It comes with a mobile app (for Android or iOS or both)
  • It supports the countries you are active in (If you are an international real estate broker)
  • It comes with a secure and safe cloud storage
  • It offers the Electronic Signature feature

So, if you are a realtor looking for a fast, reliable and secure cloud-based faxing service, make sure to register with FAX.PLUS for free and get immediate access to every feature that a real estate broker should expect from such online faxing services.


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