So, you have already decided to say goodbye to your old fax machine (or fax server) and looking for an enterprise cloud faxing solution to access all your sent and received fax in your mailbox, Google Drive, or even in your own software? Let’s see what an online fax service for business should offer to you and which enterprise fax solution you should go for.


What to expect from an online fax service for business?

No matter you run a small business, a medium business, or even an enterprise business, you can always get the most out of online fax services to send and receive a huge amount of documents using your desktop computer or even a smartphone. So, let’s see what to expect from an online fax service for business when it comes to choosing an enterprise fax solution:

Send fax from email (Fax by Email): This feature enables the user to easily send fax from email (regardless of the email server or client you use), and you’ll also get to keep a copy of all your sent and received documents in your inbox.

Send fax from Google DriveIf you have moved your documents to the Google’s cloud storage, Google Drive, having an option to send fax from Google Docs or Google Sheets sounds perfect, doesn’t it? The option to send a fax from Google Drive enables your business to easily fax documents or spreadsheets with just a few clicks.

Programmable fax API: Integrate online fax functionalities into virtually any system, software or application.


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Have you found your online fax service for business yet?

Have you tried FAX.PLUS solution for corporates and enterprises? Our top-ranked online fax service for business, enables the users to easily send fax from Google Drive (Google Docs and Google Sheets), send and receive fax from email, or even integrate faxing functionality into their own system or software. Here are just some of the other features that FAX.PLUS delivers to its users, including corporate users:

Get local numbers in 40+ countries: Running an international enterprise? Well, easily acquire multiple fax numbers from different countries and manage them in one single account.

Send fax to multiple recipients at once: Just add as many numbers as you want (up to 500 contacts) and hit the send button. The mass fax feature is very useful for the businesses which send the same document for multiple recipients.

Mobile application: Manage all your documents as well as send and received faxes right from your smartphone (Android and iOS). See where to download FAX.PLUS application.

So, FAX.PLUS offers an efficient yet reliable enterprise fax solution for different businesses and you get to easily send fax from Google Drive (Docs and Sheets), send fax from email, and have access to all your archives through our mobile application.


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