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Is your fax machine worth fixing, repairing or even replacing?

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Is your fax machine not working anymore? Are you thinking about either fixing it or replacing it with a brand new fax machine? Is repairing your fax machine worth it? Or is it better to have it replaced?

Before making any decision, we recommend you to keep reading and you might just change your mind and go for another solution...

Is fixing your old fax machine worth it?

Other than the regular maintenance costs of fax machines, such as changing toner and ink, sometimes your fax device just stops working and you need to have an expert take a look at it. If you already know the problem with your old fax machine, you don't need to pay for the service charge, but if you have no idea what's wrong with your machine you are going to need to pay for the service charge in order to find the problem. The next step is buying the required parts to be replaced with the broken ones. And don't forget about the cost of replacing or fixing these parts (The cost is different than the first service charge).

Is the cost worth it, or are you better off with buying a brand new fax machine?Have you already made up your mind and decided to go for replacing your fax machine with a new model? We may have a better solution that is much more interesting than fixing or replacing.

Don't fix, repair or replace your old fax machine!

Have you tried online fax services? With such cloud-based services, you no longer need to have a fax machine and landline phone to be able to send and receive a fax. And most of all, you don't need to pay for the maintenance costs and there won't be any repairing costs.

Read more: Disadvantages of fax machinesWith a FAX.PLUS account, you just need to pay as low as $4.99 (on the yearly subscription) and you will be assigned a dedicated fax number to easily and securely send and receive fax from anywhere at any time. All FAX.PLUS users can freely get the Web, desktop, iOS, and Android applications, and thanks to the seamless syncing feature, users will have access to all their documents as well as the history of their sent and received faxes in one cloud place. And if you store your documents on Google Drive, you can get the most out of the FAX.PLUS G Suite add-on to send fax directly from the Google Docs and Google Sheets.

See also: Advantages of online fax servicesSo, what do you think now? Do you still believe in fixing your old fax machine? Or you are thinking about the third option, online fax services? Just sign up for free, try out FAX.PLUS services and make your final decision between repairing your fax machine, replacing your fax machine, or going with the online faxing solution.


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