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How to connect your multi-function printer (MFP) to your online faxing solution?

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Eliminating a business' dependency on paper faxes is one of the most important benefits of migrating from the old-fashioned fax machine technology to the modern cloud-based faxing solution. But, what if, sometimes you still need to go traditional and send and receive paper faxes?

With the FAX.PLUS MFP Integration feature you can benefit from all the features of a cutting-edge cloud-based faxing solution, while still being able to send and receive paper faxes using your networked multi-function printer.

How to integrate your networked MFP to FAX.PLUS

To start integrating make sure you already have

  1. An active FAX.PLUS account (sign up for free).
  2. An internet-connected multi-function printer that can send and receive email.
  3. Set up the scan to email feature on your MFP and set the outgoing email address on your all-in-one printer device the same as your FAX.PLUS username.
  4. Added your printer’s unique email address as one of the fax recipients in your FAX.PLUS account (Learn how).

To send a fax from your all-in-one printer:

  1. Open the scanner lid on your MFP and scan the document(s) you wish to fax
  2. Choose the Email option (based on the model of your all-in-one printer, the name may vary)
  3. Type the destination’s fax number (along with the country and area code) followed by @fax.plus (example: +16692001010@fax.plus) as the recipient’s email address
  4. Your fax is sent as an email through your MFP via FAX.PLUS.

To receive paper fax on your all-in-one printer, since you have already added your printer’s unique email address as one of the fax recipients, all your incoming faxes will be automatically printed, and there is no extra step needed to be taken.

What are the benefits of integrating your networked MFP to FAX.PLUS?

  1. All the fax files you have sent from your MFP are securely kept in your fully encrypted Faxes tab.
  2. You have access to detailed reports of all your sent faxes, along with the status of faxes and confirmation reports that can be printed out for future references.
  3. You can easily resend failed faxes right from your FAX.PLUS panel.
  4. All your employees can use the already set up MFP or any other internet-enabled devices to scan documents and fax them right away over a cloud-based infrastructure.
  5. You save tons of money by eliminating the need to have fax machines, fax servers, maintaining the equipment, and training your employees.

Enhance security & compliance together with convenience

The ability to transmit confidential paper documents through a highly-secured platform while addressing compliance concerns has always been a major concern for enterprises.

With the secure and reliable cloud-based faxing solution that FAX.PLUS offers, you can benefit from both storing your faxes on a fully encrypted cloud service as well as sending your fax document exactly from the same device you use every day for printing.

Join FAX.PLUS for free, integrate it with your networked multi-function printer and boost your productivity while saving time and money.

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