If you are applying for a job and asked to send your resume via fax, having a great cover sheet can easily make a difference and even get you the job. Your cover sheet (cover letter or cover page) must be informative enough, not include so many personal information, and be short, precise and right to the point.

So, to fill out and fax cover sheet online along with your resume, make sure to follow these simple rules:

One. Write your name, family name and phone number, as well as the title of your fax, to make sure you are easily recognized. Don’t just expect they know you and are waiting for your fax.

Two. If you are sending your resume to a fax machine, you need to clearly specify the recipient in the cover sheet, or your fax may end up in the trash and no one will ever know about it

Three. If you are sending multiple pages over fax, make sure to write the number of pages you are sending in the cover sheet. This trick is very helpful in case your fax is transmitted partially, and the receiver may call you back and ask you to send your fax again.

Four. Make sure you have clearly specified why you have sent this fax. Including a few sentences about yourself and reasons for faxing is enough. (If you are applying for a job, specifying your position as well as your vision is recommended)

Five. Change the font size to make your cover sheet be easy to read. But don’t go for big font size.

Five. And last but not least, don’t forget that faxes are transmitted in Black & White.


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Now that you are familiar with some rules and tips and tricks about sending fax cover sheet online, let’s review how to fill out cover sheet online:

How to fill out cover sheet (cover page)?

There is no fixed template for cover sheets and cover pages, and you need to customize a template based on your needs and type of the fax you are going to send. By the way, here is a general fax cover sheet template that can be used for different purposes:




Your Name

Your Company

Your Phone Number

Your Email Address



Recipient’s Name


Phone Number


{Type your short and right to the point message here}




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Now, your fax cover sheet is ready and it’s time to send. To send a fax, you need to use an online fax service, for this article we’ve used the FAX.PLUS cloud-based faxing services to send a fax cover page along with a few other documents. Make sure you’ve already registered with FAX.PLUS service and activated your account. The free faxing plan enables you to send up to 10 free pages. So, you don’t need to be worried about any kind of payments. Well, let’s get started:


How to fax cover sheet online? (Send a text file or PDF file as the cover page)

Do as follows and easily and securely send your cover sheet and documents via fax:

Step One. Open your FAX.PLUS profile page and make sure you are in the Send Fax tab

Step Two. Enter the number of the fax recipient

Step Three. There are 2 ways to attach a cover photo to your fax. You may either click on the Add Text option and start filling out your cover sheet (cover page), or you may click on Add File and attach your already created cover sheet to your fax.

Note that, in either of these solutions, you must make sure the cover page is displayed on the top of the list.

Step Four. Add the other documents you want to fax along, hit the send button and you are all done.


Congratulation on sending your cover page and documents successfully at no cost.