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How to Fax to Multiple Numbers? (Send Fax to Multiple Recipients At Once)

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How to fax to multiple numbers at once? Imagine you are going to send a single form to several applicants in one day. With your old-school fax machine, you need to dial each recipient separately, hope not to hear a busy line, wait for the connection to be established, and start the fax transmission process. Now, imagine you are going to send 10 pages to 30 different numbers. So, what would you do? And how long do you think it takes to send that amount of faxes?

One of the many advantages of online fax services is the option to fax to multiple numbers at once. To send fax to multiple recipients, you just need to organize and add the documents to be sent for just one time, add as many recipients as you want, and Hit the start button for just one time. Your online fax provider will automatically start transmitting faxes, and it even retries sending faxes if there is any failure.

Note that, not all internet fax providers offer the option to fax to multiple numbers, and if this feature is important for you, you need to ask the support before choosing your internet fax provider.

FAX.PLUS, the leading cloud-based faxing company, is one of those online fax providers that enable the users to send fax to multiple recipients at once. To learn how to fax to multiple numbers, first create a free account on FAX.PLUS website and then do as follows:

Step One. Go to your dashboard and make sure you are in the Send Fax tab (You may also use FAX.PLUS mobile app on your Android or iOS device)

Step Two. Use Add Text and Add File to insert your documents as well as the cover sheet to be sent to multiple recipients at once. Either use the phonebook or simply type the phone numbers of the recipients. If you are typing the numbers, you just need to hit the Enter button to add the number to the list

Step Three. Now, since you are faxing to several numbers at the same time, it's better to enable the Retry feature from the settings.

Step Four. Hit the Send button and your faxes will be sent to multiple numbers at once.

If you are not sure whether to use FAX.PLUS as your default online fax service, the good news is that you'll get 10 free pages to send without even the need to add your credit card details to your account. So, go to FAX.PLUS website, register for a free account and enjoy faxing on the go.

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