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FAX.PLUS in the news: See what others are saying about us

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"This app helped me out of a tight spot at my doctor's office when I forgot my medical paperwork." Play Store review.

"I was looking for an app that I could use to fax a .pdf file. I tried a couple of apps to no avail. I saw FAX.PLUS after uninstalling another app. This app is SO SIMPLE to use! It was easy to set up (bonus points), it has a great user interface (UI), and I even got a confirmation email after my fax had been sent. I had initially downloaded another app to digitally sign a document. I successfully used it, however, I wish I'd seen this app first, because it does it all. Thank you!" Play Store review."

I’ve tried several other apps and the faxes are to dark or undeliverable, and not many allow a consistent number for incoming, this Fax does and the images are clear." App Store review. FAX.PLUS is helping 300,000+ users all around the world to send and receive fax on the go. The cross-platform feature along with G Suite integration and email integration, enable both corporates and individuals to securely fax documents to 150+ countries and it makes FAX.PLUS one of the very first choices when it comes to choosing the best online fax service.

Speaking of best online fax service, here are some of the reviews about FAX.PLUS published on trusted websites:

FAX.PLUS in the news:

"FAX.PLUS is one of the easiest and most reliable online fax services on this list." Way to Hunt"

"If you're looking to bring faxes into the 21st century, FAX.PLUS might just be the service for you." Comparakeet"

FAX.PLUS is an effortless cloud-based Faxing that makes it easy to handle faxes on all available platforms." Technadu"

FAX.PLUS offerings are comprehensive for a free service, including a mobile application, secure cloud storage and multiple recipients per fax" Business News Daily

"FAX.PLUS has the best user interface of any free fax service we tested, with simple icons, snappy animations, and no ads." The Daily Dot"

Hoping to "bring joy into faxing," Fax.Plus allows businesses to send faxes to 150 countries. The company helps optimize documents for faxing and uses encryption to secure all faxes." Business

"FAX.PLUS is an online fax service provider that offers users with a centralized platform for secured document fax transmissions." FitSmallBusiness

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