Release Notes, December 2017

FAX.PLUS, the leading cloud-based faxing service, just got better. The Christmas update brings whole new features to boost your productivity while sending and receiving faxes. As from today, users get to send fax from email, integrate their own system with FAX.PLUS system, get more rewards by inviting friends, drop fax while being sent and a lot more.

So, let’s take a quick look at the new features:


Send Fax for Free


Email to Fax: This feature enables the users to send and receive faxes right from their email accounts. It’s like sending a regular email, but the recipient will receive your email on their fax machine. Learn more.


Fax Header: Our fax header has been completely customized and will now show much more detailed information for legal compliances.

Fax API: The programmable fax API enables the users to integrate FAX.PLUS with their own enterprise or CRM system. It works on almost any development platform including Javascript, Node.JS, Ruby, Python, and Java. Learn more.

Drop Fax In Transit: This most requested feature is finally available on FAX.PLUS. From now on, users can easily drop a fax while it’s being transmitted. Learn how to drop fax in transmit.



Invite friends and get even more rewards: We have changed the way we used to give rewards for referrals and invitations. Get up to $4.00 for every friend that joins FAX.PLUS. Every time a new user signs up with your invite code, you will get $1.00 and when they make their first payment you will get an additional $3.00 and they will get $2.00 of free credits.

Make sure to bookmark the Feature Spotlight page to learn more about the new features and how to work with.